Chanel aims stars

Miss Coco Chanel was known for her passion of astrological signs she used in her jewelry creations : stars, comets or the famous lion ( her own astrological sign).

Chanel has recently launched a collection of smart watches J12 that develop a complication moon in order to fulfill this affection for the stars .

As a symbol , these new models were launched a decade after the first J12.

Moon phases on the new Chanel watches are not visible through a window as on most conventional moon phase watches, but on a hard dark blue aventurine surrounded by tiny stars as a summer night.

This window is positioned at 6 o’clock ,with a serpentine hand polished steel . Finally, a central clock hand , whose shape look like a crescent moon , tells us the date .

The bezel on it , made of a high performance ceramic which gives the impression of a wider dial opening.

A white model to sublimate feminity

Chanel J12 presents its new Moon Phase white or black ceramic with diamonds and jewelry version with two other models available in white gold and titanium ceramic.

Among these 6 different versions , the white ceramic model seduces us with its particular 38mm anti-scratch case and dial with satin impression. A mechanical movement with self-winding provides a power reserve of 42 hours and a water resistance down to 100 meters. The whole is framed by a steel bracelet with folding buckle and a diamond setting at the same time on the bezel and the guilloche dial.

This model reinvents the codes of luxury watches for women and compels us to wonder whether this Chanel J12 would not announce a new era of complication watches exclusively for women?


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