… nevertheless its owner can

The slogan of the Swiss luxury watch company Zeitwinkel ” This watch cannot …nevertheless its owner can” fits perfectly into the very straight concept of Zeitwinkel what plays an important role in the company philosophy. For Zeitwinkel, it is very important to be group-independent, which means that they do not “buy” the movements and the design, but create these themselves and thus they do not depend on other companies.

Today Zeitwinkel is a proud brand and can categories their products as “Swiss Made”. Normally the definition of “Swiss Made” is that at least 50% of the value of the watch have to be created in Switzerland. However, Zeitwinkel creates all parts of their watches in Switzerland, except for little things, which will be produced in the famous German areas that are famous for it. However, Zeitwinkel may combine all parts of the watch in Switzerland. Therefore the luxury watch company deserves in any case the denotation “Swiss Made”.

A watch for life

When creating the watches, Zeitwinkel creates on the same time also a certain kind of optimism, credibility and endurance. They stay away from the trends, do not follow the mainstream and avoid glamor advertising campaigns. Therefore Zeitwinkel can produce timeless and high quality watches, which can be considered as a “watch for life.”

The collection Zeitwinkel 273 °

A special collection is the Zeitwinkel 273 ° collection. The watches show special complications. There is a large date display that is readable in almost any light thanks to their unique production, which is already announced at the Patent Office. The large dial has no second hand, because for a better readability a sub-dial for the seconds was integrated.  To complete the dial, there is a display of the power reserve, which stays up to 72 hours.