Contemporary watchmakers become more and more creative. Chronometers, Chronographs, Tourbillons…the demanding audience has become really hard to astonish. What about a weather forecast on your wrist? Here is a new invention of Jean-François Mojon.

The Genius, how does he look like?

The new model by Breva under the name of Génie 01 has been launched just a few days ago. The luxury timepieces in rose and white golden cases have 46 jewels inside. The watch face is based on the latest fashion tendencies of the luxury horology. It is multilevel and has plenty of indicators made of transparent sapphire discs with marks to enable the best view of the movement hidden behind them. The combination of matt and polished surfaces provides a spectacular light effect. The power reserve constitutes 65 hours.

Luxury timepiece with a barometer and altimeter inside

So now let’s penetrate into the technical details. This luxury watch contains two anaerobic capsules aimed at height and pressure measurement. They consist of special non-magnetic material that is quite sensible to the atmosphere changes. It’s a really exceptional alloy as it’s lighter and harder than aluminium and more flexible than steel.

The watch back has another peculiarity – an air valve with a diaphragm made of teflon. It exists for the aims of weather forecasting because it allows the balancing of pressure inside and outside the watch. The teflon diaphragm in its turn provides the defense of the watch movement from humidity.