A special Swiss luxury watches company

The Swiss luxury watch company Angluar momentum from Bern is a small independent company. Since 2004, the company follows its new strategy: All pieces that are used for luxury watches are made with their own hands in their factory. Thus, the luxury watch company Angeluar Momentum is not depending on their suppliers. In addition, this creates a special watch, a watch that was entirely made by hands and not machines.

Polyphemus – Steampunk Time Piece

A masterpiece of watchmaking was created by Angluar Momentum and Manu Properia. A watch made of bronze, brass and a small amount of steel have created. The watch has a small hole covered with sapphire crystal, in which a digital display shows the time. Simply unique!

Sparkling Collection

A complete different design show the Sparkling watches of Angluar momentum. These watches have a relatively dark dial, but it sparkles in every color of the rainbow, as it contains diamond dust.

Should it be something unique?

After the brief introduction of two different models of Angluar momentum, it can be seen that only unique watches leave their house. This is because Angluar Momentum offers a special service. They manufacture different watches on a special request of a customer. The result: A luxury watch that exists only once and exactly embodies the favorite style of the wearer. Just incredible!