The big and prestigious Swiss watchmaker Vacheron Constantin has recently unveiled four watches exclusively for their shop in Moscow, Russia. One of these pieces is the Traditional 2253 caliber watch which is also one of the masterpiece of Vacheron Constantin. This watch is made of 950 platinum. It is also a concentration of major complications such as tourbillon, perpetual calendar, equation of time, and an indication of sunrise and sunset of the city of Moscow.

A tribute to pure watchmaking tradition

 Calibre 2253 Traditional is a unique model and celebrates the inauguration of the new Vacheron Constantin shop in Moscow, located in the Berlin House. This model also pays tribute to watchmaking knowledge of the Geneva House which was very early facing the great Russia.

 The caliber of this piece was developed and manufactured in the workshops of Vacheron Constantin. It incorporates 457 components and houses a maximum of complications. This watch adopts such an exceptional power reserve of 14 days that appears on bridge side and remains perfectly visible through the sapphire crystal of the case.

 One of the most significant complications of this piece is certainly the equation of time. Its function can measure the difference in minutes between solar time and legal and universal time. The oldest timepiece provided with such complicatio was developed by the mathematician Nikolaus Mercator in the seventeenth century. Few instruments with this complication have been made over the years because they require the expertise of an exceptional watchmaker.

 The implementation of such complication requires a strong expertise. It requires the use of a so-called “equation” cam : a piece of metal which has the same profil than an analemma: a fig drawn in the sky by the different positions of the sun daily taken at the same time and from the same location in any year of a calendar. This rare complication is displayed with a short needle at 10:30 on the dial of the Traditional 2253 caliber model.

 Rare and unique complications

 Another complication called “astronomical” is present on this piece and also little used in modern watchmaking: the sunrise and sunset. Its implementation requires a very fine and lets you know every day this information for the city of Moscow.

The tourbillon of Traditional caliber 2253 is also exceptional as long as the tradition of the house, a cage-shaped cross of Malta and it turns on itself by minute, is used as a second small and is placed at 6 o’clock.

 Finally, the perpetual calendar displays at the same time, the day of the week, month and date respectively 9am to 12pm and 3am.

 To summarize, this new model Vacheron Constantin Boutique exclusive Mouscou brings together all the elements of the watchmaking tradition of almost 260 years of the Swiss House. Its 44 mm round case and sober design refers to the universe and to the legacy of the Manufacture. The Traditional 2253 caliber Moscow shop model clearly established itself as a reference in watchmaking.

 We present below all models developed exclusively for the Moscow shop…

The unique model 2253 caliber Traditional

Vacheron-Constantin-Traditionnelle calibre 2253-11 Vacheron-Constantin-Traditionnelle calibre 2253-22


The Patrimony Perpetual Calendar

Vacheron-Constantin-Patrimony quantième perpétuel-1 Vacheron-Constantin-Patrimony quantième perpétuel-2Vacheron-Constantin-Patrimony quantième perpétuel-3


The timepiece Patrimony day-date Retrograde

Vacheron-Constantin-Patrimony date-jour rétrogradants-1 Vacheron-Constantin-Patrimony date-jour rétrogradants-2 Vacheron-Constantin-Patrimony date-jour rétrogradants-3


The “Traditional” model Moscow shop

Vacheron-Constantin-Traditionnelle-1 Vacheron-Constantin-Traditionnelle-2


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