In celebration of 170 years of fine mechanical watchmaking, Swiss watchmaker Ulysse Nardin is delighted to launch a limited edition Classico Collection timepiece with a “Grand Feu” Enamel dial.

Ulysse Nardin Classico ManufactureThe Classico Manufacture is driven by an in-house movement entirely conceived and developed by the Swiss manufacture, the UN-320 Caliber, with a silicium hairspring and anchor escapement that deliver superior accura- cy.

The movement is set within a classically-designed steel edition timepiece that celebrates a pared-down design of great purity and elegance, at the center of which is the “Grand Feu” enameled dial. On the dial, the hour, minutes, small seconds and date are at 6 o’clock – a feature of the Classico Collection’s different executions.

Ulysse Nardin Classico ManufactureCrafted in a limited edition of 170 – one for every year of Ulysse Nardin’s existence – the Classico Manufacture enables wearers to easily set the date backwards and forwards by using the stop seconds feature with a mere pulling of the crown; and rely with confidence on the 48-hour power reserve.

Ulysse Nardin Classico ManufactureThe unique dial is handcrafted in-house at Donzé Cadrans, a member of the Ulysse Nardin group of companies, and a rare specialist in the delicate art of enameled watch dials. The process of “Grand Feu” enamel is a tradi- tional decorative technique mastered by only a handful of craftsmen in the world.

Usually a white or pale biscuit color, the beautiful “Grand Feu” method began in the 17th century, taking its name from the incredibly heat re- quired to fuse the enamel powder in the kiln – between 760 and 900° C.

Ulysse Nardin Classico ManufactureIn this collectible limited edition Classico, the dial is a shimmering white, with the roman numeral display an in- tense blue that recalls a calm, cerulean sea. Held in its 40 mm steel case with a leather strap, this latest addition to the Classico Collection reveals its pedigree in every detail.