The U.S. series is spreading worldwide

The TV series “Game of Thrones” is an American series that was produced for HBO. Since 2011, the series is now broadcasted on the television, also in different countries and languages. The fictional story is set in medieval times and is among topics such as religion, punishment, crime, sexuality and civil wars and strikes almost everyone in its spell.

In collaboration with HBO, Ulysse Nardin has created a new masterpiece for all Game of Throne fans. The Marine Diver model from Ulysse Nardin was redesigned and launched in a unique limited edition under the name of “The Night’s Watch.”

Ulysse Nardin creates something new

At the beginning it was very difficult to design a watch for the popular series, as in the series no watches were worn and also the author of the book that was taken as a base for the series, never shows his watch. Ulysse Nardin has taken the well-known Marine Diver model then the as a basis, but changed some things and created a new model out of it.

The color combination was not designed like the old model in blue-black but in red-black. The red was used for the hands and the time indications. The diameter of the Ulysse Nardin watch is 45.8 mm and will be supplied with two different bracelets. On the one rubber bracelet, “The Night’s Watch” and on the other one, “I am the sword in the darkness” is engraved.

This unique time piece of Ulysse Nardin costs $ 10.500 and is only available in two stores sites in New York.

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