The American science-fiction directed by Steven Lisberger and released by Walt Disney Productions under the name of Tron is famous all over the world. It has been inspiring its fans for many years but the years of 2010 and 2011 have shown that there are Tron fans even among the watchmakers.

The brand of Tokyoflash Kisai Seven

Various versions of Tron watches inspired by the movie bearing the same name exist today. A British Scott Galloway was the first one to create Tron LED-watches in 2010 (LED stays for light-emitting diode). The watch was launched under the brand of Tokyoflash Kisai Seven. A creative design of this watch makes its bearer stand out from the crowd. As for the time definition, there are two circles on the face of the watch: the inside one standing for the minutes and the outside showing the hours.

New watches of Indian Abhinav Dapke

Another version of Tron watches was released in 2011 and created by an Indian Abhinav Dapke. This watch is characterized by an outstanding futurist design. As far as the time-telling is concerned, the hours are being shown on the front part. Abhinav Dapke designed special fonts in Tron style for their indication. The minutes appear in the upper side of the watch face in the form of slots each of which stands for a 5 minutes period.

The watch has a plastic case with a butterfly clasp to enable its close fitting on the wrist. The watches are available in different colors.