A mix of two watches

A little taste for the Baselworld 2013: the new luxury watch model T-Race Touch made by Tissot. You can see the watch as a combination of two previous Tissot watches. For the design, the Tissot T-Race was taken into considerations and for the technology the Tissot T-Touch technology was used. The result is a particular sporting watch that displays bold colors.

The Tissot T-Touch Technology

The technology used for the luxury watch shows 11 different functions to the possessor. You can enable these functions by touching the sapphire crystal. The luxury watch offers various Tissot chronograph functions (add / split / lap), a backlight, two time zones and two alarms.

Is this your new watch for the upcoming spring?

The design of the Tissot T-Race touch remembers, as the name already suggests, strongly on the motorsport. The stainless steel case has a certain resemblance to a brake disc and the strap in a bright color gives the watch certainly a sporty touch. The dial is in the colors white and black available, with the numbers 3, 9 and 12 in strong outstanding colors. The watch exist in a suitable version for next spring with the white dial and the purple or turquoise highlights. But also the version with a black dial and yellow and white highlights is an amazing sporty watch.

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