The eastern peoples have always been known for their craft work. Today a possibility of combination of various tendencies, materials and technologies enables unique products to appear. The new masterpiece by a Ukrainian watchmaker Valerii Danevych is an original merge of the warmth of natural wood and the performance of modern horology items.

Wooden fine arts

An unusual tourbillon saw the light on the occasion of Baselworld 2013. Valerii Danevych began his way in the watchmaking industry in 2008 and since then he has created only 14 timepieces, which proves their exclusive nature. Being a talented cabinet-maker and a passionate watch lover, he develops and produces every single part of his timepieces on his own. Only the production of the last model took about 1800 hours, the project work not counted.

Exclusivity of wooden timepieces

The wooden tourbillon by Valerii Danevych contains 154 handmade pieces. The single non-wooden part is a metal spiral. The case and movement of this exclusive timepiece are made of eight types of wood: birch, apple tree, apricot tree, nut tree, bamboo, box-tree, guaiac and bubinga. The model has a retrograde minute and hour indicator with a grade having roman numerals. The back of this unique watch is transparent giving the amateurs a breathtaking opportunity to discover the mysterious functioning of a wooden movement.

The price of the wooden tourbillon is not announced but last year the creation of Valerii Danevych with a flying tourbillon was estimated by the Baselworld professionals at 100 000 euros.