Aeronautical Collection

The collection, AVIATION BR 01 from Bell & Ross strongly remains on the different instruments in an airplane cockpit and will be adjusted with three new models. When creating these watches, four different conditions were taken into account: The watch must be clearly legible, well-functioning, providing accurate information and it has to be waterproofed. The new collection follows the aeronautical collections from the past few years that Bell & Ross has launched on a yearly basis.

Aircraft instruments

The three new models of Bell & Ross are the EADING INDICATOR, AIRSPEED and CLIMB. The gyrocompass, which was incorporated into one of the models, is an indicator which shows the course of the airplane. The air speed indicator, the feature of the second watch displays the speed of the aircraft in comparison with the air. The last model of the new Bell & Ross collection has a vertical speed indicator that indicates whether the aircraft climbs, just flies or sinks. These are the respective properties of the new watch collections.

A unique limited edition box

The new trio of Bell & Ross is launched as a limited edition of 999 pieces for each model. The first 99 models are supplied in a special box that contains the three new models, and the three models from last year, the HEADING INDICATOR, AIRSPEED and CLIMB. This unique box, will give the owner the amazing feeling to have more or less an own airplane cockpit. This box should not be missed by any aircraft watch lovers or any watch collector. p>

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