From a little village througout the world

The German supermodel Heidi Klum has already started her career in 1992, when the CEO of the Metropolitan Models New York offered her a contract for $ 300,000. Afterwards Heidi Klum was walking on many fashion shows around the world and worked also for 13 years as a Victoria Secret Angel. But not only with her modeling career became Heidi Klum successful. Also with the film roles in various movies and working as a moderator of the German TV-show “Wetten dass …?” and as juror at “Germany’s Next Top Model” Heidi Klum could show her talents.  

Trendsetter Heidi Klum

Heidi Klum was always considered as a particularly and exceptionally dressed woman and is often called a trendsetter. So it is normal that the same goes also for wearing watches.  With the Panerai PAM048 on the wrist, Heidi Klum shows a complete new trend: today men watches can be worn also on woman wrists. The Panerai PAM 048 is a beautiful model of Panerai and with its classic square-round a typical Panerai model. With the brown leather bracelet is the model perfectly completed and can be worn on any male and also female wrist.

Is Panerai addicting?

But not only the Panerai PAM 048 is hidden in Heidi Klum’s jewel case. Also, the Radiomir gold watch fits beautifully on Heidi Klum’s wrist. This model is similar to the Panerai PAM 048, but has a slightly different dial and as the name already says, a case made of gold. Also this model can be worn by men and women and fits beautifully to a casual outfit.

And due to the fact that Panerai watches are so beautiful, Heidi Klum ordered a customized time piece from Panerai. This model is studded with diamonds and shines and glistens as beautiful as Heidi Klum’s smile.