Playing tennis with success

The Spanish tennis player was the first time ranked as number 1 of the ATP in 2008. Since then, Raphael Nadal’s success career really started: He won the French Open 8 times and he is one of the seven players who have won at least once all four Grand Slam tournaments. But not only at the Grand Slam tournaments Raphael Nadal was successful; he also won the Olympic Games.

The ambassador of Richard Mille

Raphael Nadal has been working for quite a while with the luxury watch brand Richard Mille. It is well know that the Richard Mille watches are very close connected to sport and therefore this combination fits perfectly. In the various tennis games Raphael Nadal was often seen wearing a RM 027. This particular model weighs only without the bracelet 20 grams and what makes it outstanding for any sports activities. The movement of the RM 027 Richard Mille is made of titanium, which was mixed with aluminum, magnesium and other raw materials, which gives it the ease.

But Rafael Nadal cannot only be spotted with the Richard Mille RM 027, but also with the Richard Mille RM 035. This model is extremely robust like any other Richard Mille model and adjusts perfectly to the wrist and shouldn’t be missed by any sports fan or watch lover.

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