From one generation to the next

The Swiss luxury watch company Pierre Laurent was founded in 1980. The desire to take up a profession in the watch industry was not very far-fetched for Laurent, because his family had worked for two generations with watches. After Laurent started at the age of 10 with the education of watches, he has dedicated his life to the love of luxury watches and over the years he developed an incredible passion.

The Swiss tradition

Swiss luxury watches are world renowned and prestigious. Also the company of Pierre Laurent can be called with the best conscience a Swiss luxury watch brand. The watches stand for exceptional quality, for pure luxury and they are made with passion. A watch of Pierre Laurent is a genuine time piece, a clock that consists against the time, a watch that will be handed from one generation to the next. The watches embody true elegance, strength and aesthetics. The technical aspects follow a straight line: sapphire glass is used, the watches are water resistant, the box is stainless steel and they offer watches with quartz movements and mechanical movements. In addition, Pierre Laurent does not rely on large marketing campaigns, but who needs it if you sell high-quality luxury watches?

Unique Collections

An extraordinary time piece of Pierre Laurent is the watch 8038 Heirloom. The Swiss watch company shows with the Heirloom Collection, how watches were produced before the quartz movement was invented. In addition, this watch was a tribute to the Fabrique d’Horlogerie Saint- Blaise and Pierre Laurent. The luxury watches in the collection can be seen as filigree works of art. The Classic Collection includes rather simple and plain watches. The opposite is represented by the Cinema Collection: Rectangular watches that shimmer and can be easily worn on the red carpet. But Pierre Laurent also thought on the adventure fans: chronographs in various bright colors and resistant materials.