Inspirations from Henry d’Origny

The new model from the luxury brand Hermès, the Arceau Pocket watch has a case diameter of 48mm and is a wonderfully crafted housing made of gold that was crafted completely by hand. Only the creation of the surface has taken more than 150 hours, what can be definitely seen. The inspiration for the filigree lines came from the works of artist Henry d’Origny from the year 1972. For decoration partially pink gold and white gold were used by Hermès.

The inside technology

The clock from Hermès has a power reserve of 55 hours. The movement was made by the Manufacture Vaucher, a company for which Hermès has the ownership to produce movements. The dial is held in a chocolate brown that has a golden base. The pocket watch comes with an alligator leather strap.

Exceptional technology, which is nowadays almost unique

The technique that was used from Hermès for this masterpiece is called Ramolayage where the artist engraves the gold in a special way to get the 3-D shape. In addition, the clock reflects the sunlight in a special way after being treated with this technique. After engraving the gold, it will be treated with special hammers so no bumps or corners will remain. It also makes the difference between the two different types of gold more visible. p>

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