The luxury watch collection “Frankfurt financial district”

The luxury watch Sinn 6090 is the latest clock of the collection “Frankfurt financial district”. This clock also connects again the traditional craftsmanship with the cutting-edge innovations, like the concept of the watch company embodies it. The luxury model will also show the meticulous detail and the superiority of the watchmaker Sinn . This special collection is closely related to the city of Frankfurt, the home town of the luxury watch company Sinn, as well as the internationally recognized banking and stock exchange district.

Sinn luxury watch 6090 – large date and three time zones

This watch of Sinn has also the display with a third time zone and will be extended with a large date. The underlying of this watch is the automatic ETA caliber 2892, which was fitted by the Swiss mechanics specialists Soprod with the three additional functions. The first crown position is for setting the date of the luxury watch, the second is used for setting the time. The second time zone can be found on the rotatable Rehaut, the third appears as a small clock at 6 o’clock. If the watch will be set an hour ahead, the cursor moves simultaneously at the third time zone. The background of the watch consists of an electrically blackened dial. In addition, the clock with 41.5 mm is a bit wider than the other luxury watches in the collection. The back of the clock is a coinage of “cops and Bear”, the symbol of the Frankfurt Stock Exchange.

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