Among the wide variety of luxury watches available today there are a couple of mysterious models that catch the eye immediately: Levitas by the Russian manufacturer Konstantin Chaykin and Mystery by the world-famous luxury brand Cartier. These are the two models with a transparent dial and the hands that seem to be hovering. But who was the first to introduce such an amazing invention?

How do these mysterious watches work?

The concept of this luxury watch is based on the disk system of time indication. The hands of the watch are fixed on the transparent cogged glass or sapphire disks. These disks are being set in motion by the mechanism hidden under the case of the watch. All the rest is rather ordinary except for the crescent form of the caliber.

As for the designer details of these two luxury models, both of them can have a white or rose gold case. Furthermore, the price is nearly the same: 35.000-40.000 euros for Chaykin’s creation and about 36.000 euros for Cartier model. The last one is also available in the jewelry version which is decorated with diamonds while the first one has unlimited personification possibilities. But the doubts arise as soon as we turn to the date of the launch of these two exceptional horology examples as the Konstantin Chaykin manufacture announced it on the occasion of Baselworld 2012. The Cartier model appeared nearly a year later, in January 2013.

Who was the first to invent this concept?

The resolution of this argues dates back to the first half of the XIX century when an extraordinary horology work of a French illusionist Jean Eugène Robert-Houdin emerged. Konstantin Chaykin states that he was inspired by this particular creation. However, if we look into the history of the Cartier House we will definitely make some curious discoveries. The fact is that the luxury brand has already introduced this concept in various forms in 1912 (a table horologe Pendule Mystérieuse Modèle A) and later in 2006 (a hand watch Cartier Santos 100 Mystérieuse). So the reputation is not under the question any more. Who is going to win the market battle? It’s up to the customer to decide.

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