The worldwide known football player

The Portuguese footballer Cristiano Ronaldo plays today for the Spanish team Real Madrid. In the Portuguese national team Cristiano Ronaldo has even reached the position as captain.

However, the world-famous football player is not only good in playing football, but also known for his distinctive face and his beautiful appearance. On the title page of the Portuguese watch magazine “Espiral do Tempo” Cristiano Ronaldo reveals with a watch of Franck Muller. The model that Cristiano Ronaldo is wearing is a Bi-Retro Perpetual Calendar Chronograph CR7. The CR7 model from Franck Muller is part of the special pink gold edition, where the dial has 7 diamonds and a signature of Cristiano Ronaldo. This Franck Muller limited time piece honors the football player Cristiano Ronaldo, because this is one of the world’s best football players.
In real life it is not always easy for Cristiano Ronaldo to keep the time of different time zones in mind, since he travels a lot because of his career and his girlfriend is always not in his time zone. Therefore Cristiano Ronaldo helped himself with the Meccaniche Veloci Quattro Valvole watch. This watch dial has four dials on it that indicates the time of the different time zones.

The new face of Jacob & Co

Recently, the luxury watch company Jacob & Co got a new look with Cristiano Ronaldo. The new campaign will begin in May 2013, where Cristiano Ronaldo shows up in various occasions with the SF24. Once, the Jacob & Co watch is worn with a casual style, another time with an elegant style and in the end with a mysterious style too. This of course says all about the watch from Jacob & Co: It fits into any life situation.

Discover the models from Franck Muller, Meccaniche Veloci or Jacob & CO that are loved from Ronaldo.