The Alpina Yacht Timer Countdown

The luxury watch brand Alpina is known for its unique chronographs, especially for the regatta chronographs. What could be more important in a regatta then capturing the time while crossing the finish line exactly? Nothing at all! Therefore, it is the objective for Alpina to create these kinds of watches. But the sporty shaped watch fits not only in the world of luxury yachts it fits more on everyone’s wrist.

Unique look

The Alpina Yacht Timer Countdown has a diameter of 44mm and is held in black. But not everything: the hour and minute displays are in white color in contrast to the dark clock. And since it’s mostly for racing, the minutes and hours are not that interesting then the seconds. So the second hand was designed in a fluorescent orange.

The best gift for the boat lover

The gem of Alpina is only produced 8,888 times and is just perfect for those racing enthusiasts. Therefore, this watch is a perfect gift for anyone who is on a regatta, but also for everybody who loves to celebrate an evening in a yacht house. Alpina offers this watch as a special gift, which contains in addition to the clock contains a miniature model of the Extreme 40 yacht.

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