The Cyrus brand set itself apart during Baselworld 2013 with its presentation of an unreleased timepiece, the Cyrus Klepcys. The watchmaker has in fact teamed up with W Motors on the automobile manufacturer’s futuristic project, a “hypercar” known as the Lykan.

A Cyrus Klepcys line comprising only seven watches in the whole world

Each of the only seven Lycan hypercars to be produced will be sold with a corresponding Cyrus Klepcys watch. An extremely limited edition then, for this signature timepiece from Jean-François Mojon, a Swiss designer famous within the watchmaking world.

With a 48mm white gold and titanium case, the Cyrus Klepcys watch has a self-winding movement put together with 390 Swiss components. The dial bears an original display of the hours, minutes and seconds around a mobile axis. The hour hand moves on a 180 degree axis and changes colour to indicate the transition from day to night. The dial also allows for a linear reading of the time, thanks to the positioning of the hour hands, which are always aligned with the minute and seconds discs.

Jean-François Mojon’s fingerprint in 18-carat gold on the back of the dial rounds off the unique and inimitable look of the Cyrus Klepcys watch.