De Bethune, the young luxury watch enterprise

The enterprise De Bethune was created in 2002 by David Zanetta and Denis Flageollet. The both are fervent luxury watch collectors and are both grown up in a watchmaker’s family. Both have the same vision and you can almost feel the harmony in the beautiful watches. The watches have a completely certain aesthetics. The technology melts largely with the design and is not in the foreground.

Since their establishment they have succeeded in announcing 9 patents, in developing 13 calibres and launching 15 world-wide innovations. How is that possible in only 11 years? It is the challenge to find always new ways to reduce the weight of the watches and to fight against the friction. Moreover, there are new and special materials that change every time the production of the watch and make it unique.

The new masterpiece of De Bethune

With the new luxury watch of De Bethune, the enterprise shows one more time their competency. With an outstanding design and impressive aesthetics, the in blue held watch was designed. The DB 28 Skybridge, consist of classic straight lines, the watch itself has a round form, consists of a polished Titanium housing and can be seen as a little bit futuristic. The blue color that was applied for the dial is brilliant, because it shows an incredible intensity. However, we are naturally accustomed of the colour of De Bethune, because the blue can be seen almost as their brand label. On the dial the phases of the moon can be recognized and the whole watch gives you a bit the feeling of infinity.

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