From South Africa to the top of the world

The South African-born Charlize Theron is famous for her various film roles and modeling jobs. Today Charlize Theron lives in the U.S. and has enchanted everyone with her numerous films, especially her lastest movie, “Snow White and the Huntsman”. She has already won several awards for her film roles, and there are already rumors that she may figure in future movie roles shortly.

Charlize Theron can also be spotted in various advertisements of watch brands. The Italian watch and jewelery brand Breil found their new face in Charlize Theron. Breil is the watch brand from Italy. The slogan of Breil: “Touch, Feel, Breil” is perfectly embodied by Charlize Theron.

Trial court with Raymond Weil

But before working with Breil, Charlize Theron was already working for the luxury watch company Raymond Weil. She showed up in various campaigns from Raymond Weil. Unfortunately Charlize Theron was seen wearing a Dior watch at the film festival and was attacked by Raymond Weil to have broken the contract with them, as she was seen wearing a Dior watch at the film festival and was obviously forbidden to do so.

Shortly after, Charlize Theron became the new face of Dior. She became the new face for the well-known perfume “J’adore”. Moreover she was wearing the Dior VIII watch and she embodies exactly the image Dior stands for: pure elegance and femininity. The VIII watch from Dior is an every day watch to wear: throughout the working day, the evening or for cocktail parties. It is a charming piece of jewelry.

In her spare time Charlize Theron can be spotted with a Rolex Sea-Dweller Deepsea. The Sea-Dweller is the most water resistant mechanical watch that was produced in series and gives its wearer a casual look. It is a special Rolex watch, that shouldn’t be missed.

Embody the unique femininity of Charlize Theron with the various watches models of Breil , Raymond Weil, Dior and Rolex .