The career already started in her childhood

The American actress and model Blake Lively became really famous with the role as Serena van der Woodsen in the US series “Gossip Girl”. Moreover Blake Lively got more and more international reputation and got roles in the movies such as “Private Lives of Pippa Lee” “Green Lantern” or “Savages”. But her career already started when she was 11 years old, when she played in the children series “Sandman”, which was produced by her father.

Is this a male or female watch?

Blake Lively can be spotted in the famous movie “Green Lantern” wearing a Hamilton Khaki King Auto Chrono. This model has its origins from the Hamilton Khaki Field collection. It is an automatic watch with a black dial, a steel bracelet and a stainless steel case. With 42 mm the Hamilton Chronograph is relatively broad for a women watch, but this is not surprising because the Khaki King Auto Chrono Watch is actually a men’s watch. But Blake Lively shows that this watch fits also perfect on a women’s wrist.

Collaboration with Chanel

For some time, Blake Lively is working together with the luxury brand Chanel. Mainly she was the new face for a handbag collection, but Blake Lively was also been spotted wearing a Chanel on her wrist. Once she wears it on the cover of the fashion magazine Vogue, another time she wears it in her free-time. The Chanel J12 model is the standard watch of Blake Lively. The Chanel J12 model is available in different versions. Blake Lively wears a Chanel J12 Chromatic Automatic watch, which is made entirely of titanium ceramic. This new material makes the watch very resistant and gives it on the same time a unique color and brightness. But she wears also the Chanel model in black that is fitted with diamonds, what makes the watch very elegant.

Discover the different models of Hamilton and Chanel, that are worn by Blake Lively.