Angelina Jolie shows class

Some Stars have very strange tastes when it comes to watches. However, this is not the case for Angelina Jolie. In her spare time Angelina loves to wear a Cartier Tank Louis which is a beautiful piece of jewelry. This Cartier watch is made of 18k gold and has a brown leather strap.

The action watches

But In her films, Angelina Jolie wears completely different watch brands. In the movie “Salt” Angelina Jolie wears an Omega Constellation Double Eagle Chrono Special Edition World Cup. Many Omega watches have a large diameter, but not this Omega model witch is only 42mm. and fits her wrist perfectly.

Not only is Angelina Jolie beautiful wearing watches from Cartier and Omega, she also shows class with the Tissot T-Touch in the movie “Mr. And Mrs. Smith “. The Tissot T-Touch watch is perfect for the action-comedy in which Angelina Jolie works together with her husband Brad Britt. Due to the fact that the watch has many different features for an action hero it is the perfect watch for such a movie.

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