Not conceivable without a watch

The film star Orlando Bloom coming from Canterburry, England who became popular as an actor in the movies “The Lord of the Ring”, “Pirates of the Caribbean “, and “Elizabethtown” acted right from the beginning with famous stars like Keira Knightley and Jonny Depp. Also next to Brad Pitt in the film “Troy” shines Orlando Bloom with his energy. In the movies but also in photo shootings, Orlando Bloom can be seen more or less always with a watch on his wrist, once with a Rolex, the other time with a Tag Heuer, or a Panerai. There are no limits of brand variety for Orlando Bloom, as long he is wearing a beautiful time piece.


In the Comedy-Drame Elizabethtown from 2005 Orlando Bloom works together with the actress Kirsten Dunst. Orlando Bloom can be spotted often wearing a watch from the luxury watch brand Panerai and also once with a watch from Tag Heuer. The Tag Heuer model Kirikum is a relatively simple chronograph, and convinces easily with its straight lines and unnecessary extras. The model 1950 from Panerai can be seen quite often on the wrist of Orlando Bloom. This model is one of the classics of Panerai. With the brown leather bracelet, the dark dial and the lightly squared case form this Panerai time piece fits almost on everybody’s wrist and can be worn for every occasion.  

Man’s magazine GQ

In the world-wide-known magazine GQ Orlando Bloom can be seen wearing Rolexes for a GQ shooting. For the shooting Orlando Bloom wears a Rolex Milgauss and a Rolex 1969 Explorer. The Rolex Miglauss convinces with its simplicity and its elegance. The Rolex 1969 Explorer is an automatic watch, from the year 1969 and is one of the most searched watches and should not be missed by any watch collector.

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