Success without limits

The American actor Leonardo DiCaprio became famous in 1994 thanks to its role in the movie „Grape Gilbert – Somewhere in Iowa “. For this movie he was nominated the first time for an Oscar. But only after acting in the movie “Titanic” his career really started. Since this moment Leonardo DiCaprio can be seen in a lot of movies. The latest and well-known movies are “Django Unchained” and “The Great Gatsby “.

Action with Breitling

In one of his known movies the “Blood diamond” Leonardo DiCaprio can be spotted with a Breitling watch. In the adventure thriller Leonardo DiCarprio wears a Breitling Chrono Avenger on his wrist. This chronograph fits perfectly to the movie and as well perfectly to Leonardo DiCarpio.

A co-operation to secure our environment

Due to the big success you could think that Leonardo DiCaprio is busy enough with his life to do something else. But the world-famous actor support next to his acting career also environmental projects.

In co-operation with Tag Heuer Leonardo DiCaprio has developed a quite special automatic Tag Heuer watch. The model is called Tag Heuer Aquaracer 500M Leonardo DiCaprio Limited Edition. Two worldwide known environmental organizations are supported by the proceeds of the watches. But Leonard DiCaprio and Tag Heuer have not only created a new watch together but tried to change even more the concept of Tag Heuer to a more environmental friendly production. For example they reduced the paper consumption and created a plan to use the machines in a more efficient manner.

The luxury watches of Tag Heuer fit simply perfect on the wrist of Leonardo DiCarpio. Discover the different models of Breitling and Tag Heuer and find exactly the model that fits perfect to you.