The world known watch company Swatch founded in 1983 celebrates its 30th anniversary this month. The company launches the model Swatch Est. 1983 that symbolizes all the 30 years of success as well as the brand’s spirit of adventure and innovation.

The history of success

Numerous projects and models of watches that have been launched by Swatch during the 30 years of its history contributed to its success and worldwide fame. The vigorous colors, the contemporary design and the daring innovations merge together to form the image of Swatch in the minds of the amateurs of timepieces all over the world. Swatch has become an emblematic watch of its time.

Swatch models for everyone

The Swatch timepieces are popular among all ages and in all countries. The Swatch watches even constitute private collections. One of them is the Blum Collection that consists of 4000 Swatch articles and was sold at the auction in 2011 for the price of 4 million GBP.

On the occasion of its 30th anniversary Swatch launches its model Swatch Est. 1983 that represents all the 30 years of its success. Every year is marked in gold on the dial of the skeleton watch to underline the importance of each element of the popular image of this Swiss watch brand.

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