Exploration and discovery

For a long time, the luxury watch company Rolex has loved it to test its watches under extreme conditions. It can be on the icebergs on the North Pole, on the highest mountain in the world or in the depths of the ocean. Rolex stops for nothing. They support talented musicians and have the sponsorship for different kind of sports: tennis, golf, skiing and sailing. But Rolex is not only known for their sponsoring, but also for its unique award: the Rolex Award for Enterprises.

Rolex Awards for Enterprise

125 winners, 30,000 applications in 154 countries and that in just 26 years. These are the key figures of the Rolex Awards for Enterprise. Since 1976 it is awarded in the two-year rhythm to several young people who are passionate about different kind of projects. The projects may have different backgrounds: research, health, applied technology, exploration and discovery, the environment or the protection of the cultural heritage.

Anyone can change everything

With the motto of Rolex “Anyone can change everything”, the luxury watch company tries to inspire mainly young adults for the award. The winners must be between 18 and 30 years and will win 50.000 Swiss francs (about € 41,000) for their projects. But there is not only the prize money for the projects, but also a Rolex watch for the winners and even worldwide recognition and prestigious advertising campaigns.

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