When it comes to Rolex, the most popular models for women are the Datejust and the President. More recently, women have been attracted to the Daytona in yellow or rose gold, these colored ores making a fashion comeback. Now there’s nothing wrong with a woman sporting a Daytona. It was the Rolex of choice for Paul Newman and that guy crept on the concept of cool and stole its mantel. But, if you want to step off the beaten path and show you know your stuff, particularly with the boys, I recommend choosing the GMT Master II.


The GMT Master was developed in the 1950’s at the behest of Pan Am for pilots jetting across continents. The original GMT Master had a date, an additional hand to note a second time zone and a rotating 24-hour bezel color-coded red and blue to reflect day and night hours. Not only did this watch have the sensational styling Rolex is known for, but it was also a practical tool used in navigation.


The current GMT Master II doesn’t stray far from its roots, maintaining the smart appearance of the original but with modern updates. In a 40mm case, it fits today’s preference for bigger case sizes without overwhelming the wrist and looking like a Lilliputian flying saucer made an emergency landing there. For the contemporary woman who does business internationally or on different coasts, the GMT hand comes in handy, as does the rotating bezel, functioning as a reminder when to pick up the kids or call for restaurant reservations.


The GMT is a rugged customer too. Since it’s waterproof to 300 feet, you don’t have to worry about coming into contact with a splash, whether intentionally or not. Plus, it’s got Rolex’s shock and magnetic resistant Parachrom hairspring so you can be assured the chronometer rated movement keeps you on time. The new, nearly scratchproof Cerachrom insert on the bezel also allows for the occasional bump and knock, which inevitably happens when you’re living life, without mussing its sleek exterior.


Rolex has a variety of options to choose from. The watch is available in 18 ct yellow gold, Rolesor, or 904L steel, and to add a bit more glam, you can get the gem-set version in yellow or white gold.


If you have any reservations about a woman wearing a GMT Master II, then refer to the sexy and sophisticated James Bond nemesis Pussy Galore, who accents her outfits with one. In my opinion, this watch offers the function and fashion for women who pilot a busy schedule.