How to avoid getting your watch stolen ? Watch theft is logical concern for any luxury watch owner. Obviously, watch lovers do no invest in expensive pieces to let another one wear it. So here are some recommandations and general advice in order to avoid getting your watch stolen or any other valuable object for that matter.

Avoiding watch theft outside

Keep in mind that you are not Puff Daddy. You’re probably not packing heat (guys, we’re talking about guns) and chances are you do not have the bodyguards to protect yourself, nor the financial means to keep buying watches over and over. So caution is the word here. You’d better be taking your precautions to avoid having to cry over that beloved Patek Philippe.

Be cautious and discreet

Outside, you should stay alert and keep your eyes open if you’re walking around with a luxury piece. Keep your belongings close to you and occasionally make sure you have everything. It might sound obvious but do not wander into shady places with your latest shiny Rolex and be careful where you step in general. Likewise, go against the bling-bling trend and opt for discretion, especially in the street and crowded places. Again, you’re not a 90’s rap mogul.

The chances of crossing paths with a very talented pickpocket able to steal your watch in a sleight of hand are pretty slim. Yet, if that’s the case, they will probably try to draw your attention away from your wrist, so avoid getting distracted by a seemingly warm handshake or a stranger elbowing you. Sadly, thieves will usually use tougher ways or will work in groups to get what they want, in which case resisting will be harder. If it were to happen, it’s better to lose your watch than your life since you most likely aren’t the new Bruce Lee and those 3 months of karate you took in 6th grade won’t help.

Play it sober

Thieves do not chose the watch but the victim. So you might as well start from the beginning and avoid making yourself a target if you want to avoid theft. Avoid any external sign of wealth and don’t be too showy, not only is it tacky but it also turns you into a billboard for thieves. On vacation or when going abroad, simply avoid taking your watches with you if not necessary. You will have all the time in the world to pamper your favorite watch when you get back. Also you will not end up with a weird tan line on your wrist.

Also, do some research before leaving and ask the locals about places that you should avoid or where you should be careful. Keep your watch and your belongings out of sight and out of reach from close strangers. If you need to, invest in a secured travel bag or even a travel safe if you intend on taking valuable pieces with you.

As far as the strap goes, opinions differ. Overall a good quality strap will be stronger and harder to tear off in case of a mugging or harder to take off in case of a more subtle theft. A watch with a folding clasp seems easier to steal since it’s easy to open even though it requires to get your hand through it. Some offer “safety” clasps but it mostly refers to accidental openings rather than theft. A good quality pin buckle remains the best choice to avoid watch theft as it’s harder to undo.

Avoid watch theft at home

There’s a French saying that really applies to what we’re talking about here : “Great honours are great burdens”, meaning if you want peace of mind you should rather be discreet. Discretion will be your best bet when trying to avoid getting your watch stolen (or any other valuable item). Rather than investing in a security system straight out of a Mission : Impossible movie, why not simply be discreet ? It’s harder to rob someone if you have no idea where they live or that they own luxury watches.

safe-for-watches-avoid-theft A Designhütte safe, designed to keep watches safe.

If there’s one thing to keep in mind after Kim Kardashian’s robbery in Paris, other than her curves, it’s that you should avoid showing off with your luxury items and keep your private life to yourself instead of splashing it all over the internet. Nowadays its quite easy to find where someone live or is staying if they show too much. Do not flash your watch everywhere you go to avoid being spotted and followed. Make sure your place is safe if you find it reassuring and invest in a quality safe to store your watches. The people from Designhütte have specialised in it. Aslo, they’re from Germany, so expect german quality !