We are back, Baselworld 2013

A constantly rising star at the Baselworld since 2010 is the Rebellion T-1000 Model. And also this year the model will not be missed. In 2013 there will be a unique “Gotham” edition that will be produced only 25 times. But there the particular model will be offered in different colors. The luxury watch is mainly black, but the central movement of the luxury watch is coloured. The following colors are available: blue, red, gold and purple. It is a fancy new model, perfect for spring and the upcoming summer.

Unique and incredibly practical

The design of the watch is reminiscent a bit on the vehicle of Batman. On the other hand, the watch exudes pure masculinity, which might remain us on an engine. And that’s not entirely unreasonable, since the movement is extraordinarily complicated. The special limited edition of the Rebellion T-1000 Gotham has an extra-long power reserve: 1000 hours, that makes for 40 days and is the world’s truly unique and incredibly practical.