The opera as an inspiration

Raymond Weil has added a new luxury watch the Cuore Caldo Twelve to the Nabucco collection. The name of the collection has its origin of the same named opera. The collection is known for its sleek design and its architectural proportions. However, the best-known feature is the number 12. Each time the number 12 is represented differently, once in Arabic numerals and once in Roman numerals. The new model shows the number 12 in capital written letters in English. This can be seen as the turning point in life, a turning point between today and tomorrow. It shows how valuable every day can be.

Raymond Weil supports cancer sufferers

The luxury watch company Raymond Weil is spending money since a long time for cancer sufferers. This new timepiece is to help children with cancer to improve their treatment at the University Hospital in Geneva.

The beauty of the rose gold watch

The watch consists of a 46mm wide case, which was made of 18-carat rose gold, titanium, polished steel and carbon. With the carbon fiber, the watch is quite light and comfortable to wear. At the place of the number 6 you can see the power reserve. The model of Raymond Weil has an automatic caliber, which can be observed through the sapphire crystal base. In addition, the dream piece is delivered in a box with matching cufflinks and a roller pen. The clock is limited to 76 pieces; whether this is a reference to the year of the company’s founders well?

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