From a pair of cufflinks to a wrist watch

The watch maker Roubaix Carnaille Quentin who was born in 1984 has an interesting vita. In 2009 he finished successfully his studies in architecture. But actually the real turning point in his life was already one year earlier, when Carnaille Quentin created a pair of homemade cufflinks as a Christmas present. For the material of the cufflinks Carnaille Quenin used two watch movements from the 30s. After this his talent was discovered and in the following month his cufflinks were already exhibited in the so-called “Louvre of antiques,” the store of Mr. Arka in Paris.

In order to be well prepared for his new business idea, Carnaille Quentin attended different courses, such as economy or accounting. Besides his studies, the young man went on with the creation of his watches and jewelry and won with it different awards. Since 2010, the beautiful gems can be admired in his boutique and on the same time his workshop in Lille, France. 

However, not only the finished pieces are very unique, also the fact that Quentin Carnaille reflects about topics like the theory of relativity or astronomy. These reflections are integrated in his work what can be seen very well.

Special timepieces

Nowadays watches don’t indicate only the time, they are also often categorized as jewelry, what is also the fact for the watches of Carnaille Quentin. These watches are wearable sculptures and a work of art that can be taken everywhere. On the one hand the watches do not show the time, but on the other hand the watches embody the time, because they consist of very old material and therefore the time is always with the wearer.  

Check and see the unique watches from Carnaille Quentin on the following photos.