The DeWitt Twenty -Eight Tourbillon Skeleton watch is the newcomer in the DeWitt family. It combines robustness and beautiful mechanical watchmaking.

 This new timepiece features a round case of 43 mm in grade 5 titanium with chocolate PVD coating. The proportions of this new DeWitt model are well balanced with redesigned lugs that recall the recognizable style and DNA of the brand.

 An exceptional watch with powerful design

 The Twenty-8 -Eight Tourbillon Skeleton watch does not intend to compete with fragile and very fine skeletons watches but to keep a strong architecture and character with a total thickness of 10.78 mm.

 The DW8028 caliber is made with the sale ancestral watchmaking techniques that proved their reliability including: a variable-inertia balance, a 44° angle escapement, and a power reserve of 72 hours. The watch is entirely made in-house. It is equipped with a Swiss anchor escapement, and a Straumann Hairspring® with Phillips terminal curve made ​​out of an unbreakable alloy. DeWitt has sought to achieve the highest level of accuracy and exactness in terms of watchmaking mechanism through their latest creation.

 Even with the robustness of the whole design, we cannot help looking into the depths of the movement and admire the mechanics. You will also observe on the movement a beautiful “W” logo positioned at 9 o’clock.

 This new watchmaking creation is likened to a work of art because it is entirely handmade, adjusted and finally tested by a single watchmaker master inside the DeWitt manufacture.


Twenty-8-Eight Skeleton Tourbillon Ref. T8.TH.011: Grade 5 Titanium Case, Blue Hands

T8 Skeleton Tourbillon T8.TH.011_Black_LR T8 Skeleton Tourbillon T8.TH.011_Ambiance_LR T8 Skeleton Tourbillon T8.TH.011_White_LR

Twenty-8-Eight Skeleton Tourbillon, Ref.T8.TH.014:  Case in Grades 5 Titanium with Brown PVD Treatment; Pink hands

T8 Skeleton Tourbillon_T8.TH.014_Black_LR T8 Skeleton Tourbillon_T8.TH.014_Ambiance_LR T8 Skeleton Tourbillon_T8.TH.014_White_LR

Credits Photos © DEWITT