BaselWorld opens in less than a fortnight and we are awaiting the latest news of the biggest watch brands and especially from the Swiss Manufacture Rolex.

Today, we go backwards to one of the models launched at the last Basel fair which particularly impressed us: the Rolex GMT -Master II (Reference 116710).

A reinvented bestseller

The Rolex Manufacture announces multiple new watch editions each year, with major innovations and reveals them most of the time at BaselWorld show. In 2013, the Swiss brand presented us a version of its famous model: the GMT Master II. A «Day and Night» model, with blue and black two-tone bezel (Reference 116710BLNR) that is directly inspired by famous GMT “Pepsi” dials. This time, the bezel is half shades covered –red and blue, which are used as an indicator of the day and night.


An iconic look

Rolex has decided in 2013 to honor the classic look of the GMT with a bezel made ??entirely of ceramic. It is a real technical progress to be able to combine two colors from a single ceramic block. Rolex used a patented process that results in a smooth transition between the two colors.


GMT or Submariner ?

It is often difficult to choose between these two iconic Rolex models. Both timepieces are provided with a diameter of 40mm and similar dials/cases. Prices for these two models are very similar though the GMT Master II watch (116710BLNR) is a little more expensive than its twin: the Submariner Date reference 116610LN. The price is 1,000 Swiss Francs (CHF) more expensive for the latest black and blue two-tone model compared to the one with a standard ceramic bezel. The GMT version has also a second time zone while the Submariner has a greater water resistance and a folding buckle “Glide lock” system on the strap. The choice between the GMT Master II and the Submariner Date can be a difficult decision to take unless you try both?

Rolex has promised this year to surprise us with new creations and therefore we look forward to the opening of the show in Basel on March 27!


Explore the world of the brand by visiting the Rolex website


Rolex GMT Master II Day Night model



Rolex Submariner Date 116610LN Model