A mix of Switzerland and Italy

The luxury watch company Sea-God that is base in the Italian part of Switzerland was founded in 2003 by the successful businessman and watch collector Enzo Palazzolo. The watches of Sea-God combine the traditional Swiss watchmaking with the special Italian style what results in a perfect elegant but at the same time also sporty time piece. These watches are a highlight for watch collectors and watch connoisseurs.

Why are Sea-God watches so special?

The Swiss company Sea-God has developed two patents which are used for almost all models. The first patent of Sea-God can be seen if you take a closer look to the crown. The logo of Sea-God that is graved into the crown is always in a vertical position, what makes the watch a kind of perfect. The second patent can be noticed as soon as you want to remove the bezel, because it is bolted with several screws. The advantage of the screws is that you don’t have to remove the bezel by leverage and therefore you don’t risk damaging your watch.

Where does the inspiration comes from?

Limited to 499 pieces the Portorotondo collection was inspired by a visit to the sardonic resort Portorotondo Marina and the sight of the Armani yacht called “Main”. The watch of Sea-God is completely made of black parts except for some red highlights on the dial. These color combination gives the watch a sporty look. To achieve this unique black, a 316L steel was used which was covered with black DLC. The anti-shock system takes care of the 46mm diameter automatic watch if there are any shocks. The collection Portorotondo consists of two models, the GMT and the Protorotondo Portorotondo date.

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