Porsche Design has many facets

The company Porsche Design is a subsidiary of the world-wide known Porsche AG and was founded over 40 years ago in Stuttgart, Germany. The origins of the company came from Ferdinand Alexander Porsche, the grandson of Ferdinand Porsche who was expelled from the family company and therefore created his own business. It is a product design company that is in the business of designing clothing and shoes, baggages, accessories, home articles, glasses, mobile phone models and of course watches. The particular product groups have a unique naming: in each case the product group name starts with the abbreviation P ‘ and is followed by a thousand note numbers. But the thousand note numbers are different for every product group.Therefore the Porsche Design watches are world-wide known under the name P ‘ 6000.

Flat Six – the newest watch collection made by Porsche design

Until today the luxury company Porsche Design has launched 5 different watch collections. These collections are called: Heritage, Indicator, Performance, Dashboard and Flat Six.

The Flat Six collection is the newest collection from Porsche Design and consists of two different basic models, the Automatic and the Automatic chronographs. These two basic models are available in different types, because for the design and the coloration of the watches are more or less no limits. There are yellow dials, red dials, but also black or white dials in the Flat Six collection. Moreover there are models available that have a steel bracelet and others that have a rubber bracelet. Also the size is variable; models with the diameter of 40 mms are offered, and for wrists that are a little bit stronger 44mm diameters are sold.

The Automatic Chronographs from Porsche Design are offered in any case also in several types of design. The “basic model” has a date and day display on the three-o’clock position. In addition on the dial are three sub dials which represent the different chronograph functions.

Through its innovative watch functions, its special using of different materials and the unique and exquisite design Porsche Design tries to create a watch in absolute perfection. Persuade yourselves and check the different Porsche Design models on Chronollection.