Born in the heart of the French Jura mountains, Pequignet is one of the last independents French watchmakers, offering quality watches; deeply attached to values such as the love of handcraft and the respect for watchmaking tradition.

La manufacture sous la neige

When he was young, Emile Pequignet worked for many watchmaking brands, that’s how he learned the watchmaker profession. Forty years ago, suffering from obsolescence, the watchmaking activity is in decline. Emile Pequignet, witness of many watchmakers forced to close their doors, decides to create his own House. In 1973 in Morteau, was born the House Pequignet to whom he gave his initials EP. Emile is recognized for his creation capacity, his boldness and his excellence in choosing the materials he works with. But most of all, he understood that in order to succeed in this sector, he should play the differentiation card: original communication, international development, the search for a brand identity, the « Swiss-made » on the dial or even the opening of an own-name store; which assure him several decades of success. Thanks to its collections Moorea Lady, the Pequignet House becomes the ambassador of a whole generation of modern and elegant women, in the brand’s image, and is rewarded by five « Cadran d’Or » for the beauty of its Ladies’collections. Emile Pequignet, an equestrian world lover and in particular his horse Moorea, invents the famous Moorea link bracelet, a steel grain-shaped link hinged with the bracelet, which gives the brand a strong visual identity. Emile Pequignet is perceived as an innovative creator with seducing models. He plays an essential role in the history of French watchmaking, converting the Pequignet House in one of the most beautiful watchmaking brands in France but also in the world.

CSIO La Baule 2002  E PequignetM. Emile PEQUIGNET

Didier Leibungut took over the house in 2004, with the ambition of making it a Manufacture. Equipped with a fine watchmaking laboratory and a Manufacture workshop, situated at the house historical head offices in Morteau; Pequignet has a total control over its creations and fabrications. In 2011, the brand gives birth to an ultra-innovative mechanic movement, combining reliability, precision and performance: the Calibre Royal®. First caliber in the world integrating all its complications on the only initial platinum, completely French, it received 8 international patents. The Royal Fleur de Lys then became the emblem of Pequignet.

Balancier du Calibre Royal

In 2012, in spite of a real success, Pequignet experiences a difficult year. Two private investors buy up the firm, eager to preserve its independence. Laurent Katz becomes the company’s Chairman and orients it towards a new strategy. “Our ambition is clear and we are determined. We are a small independent house with about fifty employees, we want to offer an alternative to « Swiss-made » with our « Fabriqué en France »” claims Laurent Katz, President of Pequignet.

Laurent-KatzM. Laurent KATZ

Today the house proposes two iconic collections. The first one, MOOREA collection is the brand historical collection. This collection presents elegant models for men and women. The second collection, Manufacture is more elitist. The whole collection highlights models for men, with sophisticated and harmonious complications, equipped with the Calibre Royal®.

This watchmaker, last French independent house, knew how to position in a different way on the watchmaking market by offering new models, sophisticated, recognizable; with a quality/complications/price never experienced before.

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