Nearly 40 years after watching Steve McQueen in the famous movie LE MANS, Patrick Dempsey takes over by signing a successful partnership with TAG Heuer during the famous 24 Hours of Le Mans race.

 After being partner of many teams such as Ferrari and having also won five racing titles, TAG Heuer launches today in the most prestigious endurance race in the world alongside pilots of the Dempsey Racing team.

Patrick Dempsey is of course known for his role as Dr. Derek Shepherd in the U.S. series Grey’s Anatomy but he is also a great racing driver and owner of the Dempsey Racing team. The American actor is now associated with the great Swiss TAG Heuer brand to mark the history of his sport and modern watchmaking.

 We are sure that Patrick Dempsey will proudly wear the colors of the TAG Heuer brand and bring to the race a glamor and panache touch!

Dempsey-Biver-LeMans Dempsey_Racing_and_JC_Biver Dempsey-Biver-Monaco