If you know anything about minute repeaters, then you know that Patek Philippe has a reputation for making some of the best. The touchiest complication to get right, the minute repeater relies more on art than science. There’s no exact formula to get a clear, resonant sound from the hammers hitting the gongs inside the case, and its perfection relies on the subjectivity of the human ear. And yet, the common consensus among watch geeks is that Patek Philippe does it best.

In their first microsite (one of many in development) called Acoustics, Patek Philippe takes you inside their world of minute repeaters. They start off by defining a minute repeater and then go on to discuss the “making of” along with achieving acoustic perfection. There’s even a Q & A with Thierry Stern, President of the company and the guy responsible for approving every minute repeater before it leaves the atelier. Did you know that it’s his favorite complication? There’s a clip of him listening to one after a master watchmaker brings it in for a sound check. Of course, you can have some fun perusing Patek Philippe’s selection of minute repeaters too.

Find the article on :http://blogs.christies.com/longitude/brands/patek-philippe/patek-philippe-acoustics-microsite/