Be ready to discover the first Swiss store dedicated to Tissot in one of the most prestigious street in Europe: the Bahnhofstrasse Street in Zurich. It is a little paradise of 56m² for lovers of the brand. The interior design reflects the values ​​extolled by Tissot: tradition, innovation and precision. The store perfectly illustrates the paradox of the brand: an exclusive environment but also accessible, like Tissot watches.

An ideal location

Tissot store on Bahnhofstrasse 94 in Zurich enjoys an exceptional location: it rubs stores of the most famous brands of ready-to-wear (leather and jewelery). Millions of tourists come to walk each year on the pavement of the elegant and unique Bahnhofstrasse.  Bahnhofstrasse is like the Tissot brand, a long and rich history of over 150. This shop will allow customers to dive into the world of the brand and its products.

Tissot Boutique-cover Tissot Boutique Switzerland Opening Tissot Boutique Switzerland Tissot Boutique 2


More information to read on Tissot website.