Aeternitas – Mega 4

The luxury watch company Franck Muller met a new challenge: the creation of one of the most complicated watches in the world. It is probably one of the most complex watches ever, the Aeternitas – Mega 4 that consists of 1483 individual parts and was launched in 2009. For the creation of the watch Franck Muller set a new goal for himself: add as many complications as possible to the watch. The result was a watch with 36 complications.

The strong points of the watch

It is incredible how Franck Muller included these 36 complications in the small wrist-watch. For example, there is a Grande Sonnerie which strikes at the full hour as well as every quarter of an hour. The very special of the Grande Sonnerie are the four tons, because they sound the same as these from the bell tower of the Westminster cathedral. Moreover, a Perpetual calendar is integrated in the watch which shows the day, the month, the year and the moon phase. Also the display of two other time zones and the power reserve is not missing. But these are not at all, all complications that the Aeternitas of Franck Muller can show. 

The incredible time piece that’s creation lasted almost 5 years, has in spite of its incredible inner life only a diameter of 42 x 61 mm. When having the first look at the dial, you think at first of a stimulus satiation, nevertheless, on the same moment it is simply incredible what the luxury watch company Franck Muller reached with the creation of this watch. 

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