A unique Swiss luxury watch brand

The luxury watch company N.O.A. was born thanks to its first luxury watch collection in 2003. The Swiss watch company has its origins in the 19th Century what the brand conveys an incredible experience base in the manufacturing process of watches. With the technical knowledge, the beautiful design and their experience, N.O.A. creates unique timepieces.

The luxury watch company N.O.A. will introduce their new model at the Baselworld 2013, the ghost watch.

Automatic Chronograph

The automatic chronograph N.O.A. MMTH05 is a nice gem from the Mammoth Collection. The special thing about this watch is that it consists of contrasts. The dark blue dial with the dark blue bracelet stands in a heavy contrast to the white dots, the number indicators, on the dial. The chronograph is therefore very easy to read, such as the minute counter on 9 o’clock and the small second on the 3 o’clock position.

N.O.A. 1860 SLM002

With the collection 1860, the luxury watch company N.O.A. showed that they can not only create striking watches, but also watches that are thin, elegant and classic. The quartz watch is available in two sizes, 40mm and 44mm. The dial is uniquely designed. The inside of the dial, is deeper than the outer rim of the dial, where the silver time indicators are mounted. Moreover, the inner dial is provided with longitudinal grooves. Every time indications except the indication for 12 o’clock will be shown as a line, but the 12 o’clock is unique with a Roman numeral. This presentation gives the watch a special 3-D effect. With the silver and grey, and their classic design the watch is the perfect time piece for every occasion.