If there is any watch brand that shows an amazing duality, one that almost borders on having a split personality, it must be Corum. If you thought the concrete dial that Girard-Perregaux recently introduced was crazy, try the Corum Bubble, with a sapphire crystal as thick as your thumb. Not crazy enough? Corum also introduced a watch with buccaneers, casino-games, jokers and even the devil on the dial. Of course with matching hands to complete the theme. Also watches shaped like hearts or sugar cubes…yes, even the famous radiator of a Rolls-Royce….Corum has made them all. But….the other side of Corum is much more business-like and consist of dress watches so conservative Warren Buffett might invest in your proposal. Right in the middle of the two sides of Corum’s personality is the Tabogan.

At a first glance the Tabogan is a fairly normal watch. Rectangular-shaped, with the option of either Roman numerals, which are incorporated in the border on the dial, or a more busy variety in Arabic numerals. For a Corum it’s pretty down to earth. An excellent choice for a businessman to go with his Savile Row suit. When unstrapped, the Tabogan could easily be transformed into a small desk clock that could be used to make sure that people don’t extend their speaking time in meetings and make sure you can cut right to the chase.

Although the majority of the Tabogan’s were made in steel, gold was also an option. The beauty about the Tabogan is that Corum dedicated a lot of time and effort to get the case design right. It is slightly bent so it follows the curves of your wrist and adds wearing comfort. This is also required because the full-size model might not sound so large with diameters of 26mm wide and 44mm long, but on the wrist it is quite a substantial watch. Corum integrated the desk system so nicely that even when you notice that the lugs on top of the watch differ from the ones at the bottom, you still have no idea that this is what can be the result.

When in desk clock mode, the Tabogan shows curves that would make Verner Panton proud. The functionality is actually great. Especially for people who have to do a lot of work behind a computer and don’t like it when their watch gets in the way or continues to bang against the desk.

Although the Tabogan doesn’t have a second time zone, it does reveal in desk clock mode a handy list of all the major cities and their corresponding time zone differences to the GMT. Quite handy because you don’t want to call your business partner in France in the middle of the night to confirm lunch next week in Paris.

Corum offered the watch in both quartz as well as automatic. The quartz lacks a date, giving the exquisite dial design no distractions A business man might find the model with date more preferable. The automatic movement Corum opted for is not very interesting. The ETA 2000 is a solid performer and due to the width of the Tabogan, Corum had to pay close attention to the diameter of the movement, but this watch will more be bought because of its design than its movement.

It is also its design that gives it status as New Vintage. It is innovative and refreshing, but still serious. Which one to pick to add to your collection? The Tabogan with salmon pink dial and brown strap will go great with a Harris Tweed. Just make sure that you don’t forget to take the Tabogan off the dashboard of your 4-wheel drive. For your pinstripe the Tabogan also comes with a smart black dial on a black strap (Corum also offered the watch on a bracelet) where the Roman numerals are actually “cut out” of a border of Luminova. So now you can not only be punctual in the boardroom but also in the dark back rooms!

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