Frank Sinatra

Last week it finally happened: Ulysee Nardin has unveiled its new timepiece in Zurich. The new amazing watch plays on demand or at every full hour the unforgettable song of Frank Sinatra “Strangers in the Night” from 1966.

The wristwatch was designed in collaboration from Ulysee Nardin and Dieter Meier, the musician. Dieter Meier, a good friend of Rolf Schnyder is a shareholder of Ulsee Nardin since the year 1983. But this is not the first model that is connected to music. There were many models and the most famous watches were the “Genghis Khan” and “Alexander the Great Westminster Tourbillon”.

Pressing instead of turning

The watch has a UN-690 movement, which was manufactured in house of Ulysee Nardin. The watch does not play the song only to the full hour it also plays the watch on demand. Moreover there is another unique complication. To set the time you normally turn the crown, but at this new watch you only has to turn – like on/off the crown. This is a very simple method that does not require a lot of flair.

The development of this new Ulysee Nardin luxury watch took more than 5 years and is only available in a limited edition of 99 pieces. It consists of 650 individual parts and has a rose gold case. A beautiful watch with a beautiful song!

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