An amazing story that leads to amazing watches

Itay Noy loved watches already as a child and got from John, the uncle of his grandmother, his first watch. Since John lived in England, he came to visit the family in Israel and brought new watches for Itay Noy.

In 2007 Itay Noy won the Andy Price, created his first collection and thereupon he has sent his catalog to John. This was immediately stoked and told Itay Noy the first time a part of the family history. John’s father and grandmother used to live in German. He had a watch company, until he had to fight in the World War II. He unfortunately never came back.

Before the father of John left his son he gave him his watch. Now John wanted to give the watch to Itay Noy, that he will cherish this watch and the family history.

Hyper Scape collection

The two latest watches models of Itay Noy are two watches from the Hyper Scape collection, called Hyper Cityscape and Hyper Landscape. The two watches are offered each with a positive and a negative dial background. The design of the watch is very graphically: it is more reminiscent of graphic images than conventional dials.

If you have a closer look to the dials it can be seen that the respective scenes actually represent the same thing, only one from the social and civil point of view. Real Mountains on the dial towards newly built skyscrapers on the other one. Afterwards, a real field on one and an eternally long road on the other one. At least a bird on of the dials and a plane on the other one.

The back of the clock shows a handmade automatic rotor by Itay Noy.