The Temple of Flora

This year Vacheron Constantin presents a special collection for women. The collection Florilège – Métiers d’Art collection consists of three different women’s watches, whose dial was adorned with different flowers with different kind of crafts. The trilogy of the unique timepieces were inspired by the botanical illustrations of Robert John Thronton from the year 1799.

The Three Graces

The collection consists of three different watches, each dedicated to a flower. The Model White Lily, Queen Strelitzia and the model Chinese Orchid. The intensity of the colors was achieved in all three watches of Vacheron Constantin by a particular technique: the motif is engraved into the metal, with the so-called guillochage technic. Afterwards, with using gold threads the pieces of the motives will be separated. And finally different colors were applied on the dial and fired at 800 ° C.

The White Lily

The Flower type Lily symbolizes purity and virtue. The delicate petals are highlighted by the technic of the guillochage and they get really shiny with this special technique. Thanks to the process of color in the watch, it seems as if the sun was captured on the dial and is still shining.

The Queen Strelitzia

The model Queen shows a Strelitzia, which stands for fidelity and happiness. By the impressive craft technique, the luxury watch embodies a naturalness and a beautiful simplicity.

The Chinese Orchid

The luxury watch Chinese Orchid, made by Vacheron Constantin embodies obviously her character. The traits of an orchid are titled with wealth, elegance and noblesse. The red petals of the flower are protruding strongly of the cream colour background and show pure elegance.

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