A chronograph and a three-hand watch

The new watch model of Hamilton is actually not only a watch, but rather two. The model contains two unique watches. On one side, a classic face, the three-hand watch in gray with a movement on the right side. But that is not the movement of the three-hand watch; it is the movement of the chronograph, whose dial can be found on the other side of the watch. The chronograph is decorated with blue numbers very trendy and sporty with a movement of the three-hand watch on the left.

From the top to the bottom

The exceptional on the watch of Hamilton is their turning mechanism. The oval-held watch can be rotated horizontally. A completely different mechanism is used for the watch of Hamilton compared to the well-known watches of Jaeger-LeCoultre, whose watch cases swinging from the left to the right.

Today you prefer a classic or sporty watch?

The owner of the Hamilton watch can easily adjust the benefits of the watch: Classic elegance for working or gala party and for other occasion like sports or other leisure activities you switch it and you have your fitting sporty chronograph. But not only because of that is it unique. It also allows you two different time zones in one watch. So, there is no journey to another time zone anymore with being lost concerning the right time. With this new model of Hamilton you are always up to date.

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