The new limited edition of F.P. Journe

The large Octa collection of Francois-Paul Journe is extended by nine new models. The new watches of F.P. are called F. P. Journe Quantième Perpétuel. The models were presented at the SIHH 2013 in Geneva and are limited to 900 pieces.

A memory of 1461 days

The F. P. Journe watches show the exact date: the day and month and sometimes the moon phases. The production of this particular watch is one of the hardest tasks for the watch brands. The concept that there always appears the right day to the right month is a challenge for all watch brands, because the movement needs to store 1461 days, which is exactly four years and a long time.

At a glance: Date and Time

The watches show a very clear design. F. P. Journes watches should be easy to read, you should see immediately the date and the time. The dial is thus divided into four parts: on the top there is a display of the day and the month, the right shows the brand name, down you can see the exact date and on the left side there is the power reserve. This power reserve of 120 hours slows down as soon as the “battery” gets low. In addition, all settings can be performed easily with the three crowns on the right side, an approach that for these kinds of watches is not always easy. The models are available in 18k Rose Gold.

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