Every watchmaker will tell you: the NATO bracelets are very trendy but also mythical bracelets. And for good reason … This lightweight bracelet is  renowned for being almost indestructible, elegant and can match almost every luxury or collectors’ watch. NATO bracelet was launched in the 60s following a request from the British Army who wanted to equip its soldiers with stronger and more reliable bracelets. The NATO was born! He became internationally known when James Bond associated it to his Rolex. You will have no problems of reliability with the NATO strap: your timepiece will always be well accompanied.

 A robust and flexible bracelet

 Nylon strap and stainless steel saddles can be easily installed on any type of watch. Canvas or leather bracelet NATO passes directly under the watch case. With the arrival of spring, fans of Rolex Submariner or Omega Speedmaster watches hurry to replace their traditional strap by NATO and give to their timepieces an “adventurer” look.

 NATO bracelet is the ideal gift idea on Father’s Day with prices starting from 16 Euros. NATO bracelets are available in a multitude of colors, so everyone will find the bracelet to their own taste. NATO will be in perfect harmony with your watch, whether to present in a collection, or to wear on a dinner or while traveling. This accessory is simply a must … No wonder that this type of bracelet has become THE “must-have”!

 Find here a selection of NATO straps for luxury watches available for immediate purchase.

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